Serge Lutens

Perfumer/Creator, Parfums-Beaute Serge Lutens

What is your most memorable fragrance experience?

Making a fragrance is a personal experience for me. The end product does not preoccupy me as much as the impact of the creative process on my life does. Moreover, one cannot put the clock back so I never delve in the past when the fragrance is done. My memory is active only during the creation and I never return to the matter once it is over.

What inspires you?

My inspiration always comes from within as is the case for many artists if I may so call myself.  It lies deep within me and it manifests itself as something into which I must breathe life. As Oscar Wilde said, “The ultimate goal of a gesture is to display style.”  Gesture is pretext and the pretext only displays the reality, not its meaning.

Is creating a perfume like creating a work of art?

When creating a perfume, my only aim is to find the perfect balance between what must be expressed and what I need to express in a fragrance. These are opposite things but one is worthless without the other.

Is there a particular scent or aroma you dream of capturing in a perfume?

The most important thing for me is to find the coherence or the incoherence that will create the perfect harmony in me. The fragrance and myself establish an organic but yet torturous seductive relationship and, it is it that leads the way to the perfect blend.

From a philosophical point of view, how would you describe yourself…nose, perfumer, composer?

I would define myself as an essentialist. I always look for the true meaning of what I have to say. For instance, a fragrance name discloses as much as the fragrance itself. The creative journey and the words attached to the fragrance bring sense to it as well. Creating fragrances allows me to express feelings I cannot express with words.

What is your favorite smell?

The smell of my own truth, which might be a lie.