Nick Calderone

Perfumer, IFF

What is your most memorable fragrance experience?

As a kid I worked on my aunt’s farm in the Berkshires, and I remember the rolling green meadows interspersed with bales of hay, the smell of freshly cut grass, the scented colorful wild flowers, and on warm summer days, the sweet smell of honey. I loved taking walks into the forest nearby to take in the fresh clean woody scents of white long-needled pine trees, accented occasionally with the subtle musky hint of horses, which passed along the trail earlier.

What inspires you?


Is creating a perfume like creating a work of art?

Absolutely! Perfumery is art! No different than music and painting. Each form uses its own palette of notes and colors; and although all work is very individual due to differing styles and techniques, the common variable is passion and imagination. Creating perfume is a love of taking one’s passionate feeling and realizing the fragrance product.

To create anything, we only discover what already exists, as in nature! Our potential is so amazing, simply because we all share in the commonality of what already exists. It’s exciting to consider what remains to be discovered. E=mc2 always existed…and then it was formally discovered by the great Albert Einstein.

And love shall always exist to be discovered and rediscovered. On an emotional level, love is compassion and on an active level, love is caring for another person. Women naturally get this…it’s so simple. Unconditional love.

Is there a particular scent or aroma you dream of capturing in a perfume?

Yes, I love my work to be very pleasing and to capture smiling happy faces. I want a scent that emanates a good feeling about one’s self that says, “I enjoy life!”

From a philosophical point of view, how would you describe yourself…nose, perfumer, composer?

My vocational title is perfumer, but it’s the process of being a perfumer that I enjoy most. Perfumery is my vehicle for self-expression. Passion, those strong feelings inside each of us, gives way to ideation and the ability to make a vision a tangible reality. Passion magically manifests itself into something beautiful and results in an indirect form of sharing. Everything is connected…we are all connected!

What is your favorite smell?

Mother Nature…all of those scents that take me back to my most memorable fragrance experience… freshly cut grass, hay, wild flowers, creeks and streams winding their way through the green mountain meadows.