Mathieu Nardin

Perfumer, Robertet

A native of Grasse, France, Mathieu grew up in a perfumers’ family. As a result, he learned to fine tune his creativity and sense of smell at a very young age. His first olfactive memories are of the scent of jasmine, powerful, fresh and bewitching, simply magical in the early hours of a summer morning.

As a child he helped to pick jasmine and rose flowers in his grandparents’ fields, which passed on to him love and respect for beautiful materials.

He followed his older brothers into the field of perfumery and his first professional experience was at 13 years old at Robertet Grasse.

He pursued a Bachelor of Chemistry and then attended ISIPCA where he formalized his perfumery education in addition to his time working at Robertet. Today, Mathieu is part of a new generation of Robertet perfumers. Fond of travelling abroad, he draws his inspiration from his daily life experiences and his friends.

In the constant search for new olfactive constructions, he likes working citrus and woody-amber accords as well as beautiful floral notes, the inheritance of his childhood.