Laurent Le Guernec

Senior Perfumer, IFF

A self-made success,┬áLaurent Le Guernec’s passion for perfume is palpable and he brings great intent to every project. Always willing to rise to the challenge, there isn’t much that this perfumer hasn’t already mastered. With over ten Fragrance Foundation awards under his belt, six of which were earned at International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF), the fine fragrance community has recognized Laurent’s work in practically every category that exists.

Minimalist at heart, Laurent’s approach to perfume is deceptively simple. Within this precious precision lies Laurent’s true artistry, for subtlety is what allows to engage directly with the emotion in his customer. Laurent finds clarity through his technique, and strength in purity of composition. He says it best himself: “I don’t believe in shocking the customer to seem creative; for me, it has to be approachable.”