Francis Kurkdjian

Perfumer/Co-Founder, Maison Francis Kurkdjian

What is your most memorable fragrance experience?

By far, my most memorable experience is the creation of Le Male. I was 25, fresh out of school. The recollection of the day I met Chantal Roos and got the brief is still nailed in my memory. It brought so much to my career and to my life.

What inspires you?

Anything can inspire me as long as it becomes the beginning of a story that I can translate into a fragrance.  For my own line, a trip to Lebanon inspired APOM, which is an acronym for A Piece Of Me. When I work for others, it is like acting. I need to be touched by the screenplay.

Is creating a perfume like creating a work of art?

I believe that all creative processes are identical. First, you need an idea, and then you need to rely on your technique to achieve your idea. Each field, however, has its own rules.

Is there a particular scent, or aroma, you dream of capturing in a perfume?

One of my concerns, when I create a fragrance, is to give it a sense of humanity… a breath. Like when you stare at classical Greek sculptures made of marble:  you feel that they breathe.

From a philosophical point of view, how would you describe yourself…nose, perfume creator, composer?

I am a storyteller. I use scents to express what I feel. Maybe one day, I will use words or colors… right now, fragrance is my medium.

What is your favorite smell?

The smell of the neck of the person I love. It is like a refuge.