David Frossard

Founder/Manager, Différentes Latitudes

What is your most memorable fragrance experience?

One of my favorite scents is the scent of the cellar, which is both humid and dry. I remember as a child, walking down the cellar and feeling both excited and frightened by this under world. I guess it is because of this feeling that the memory of this scent has been engraved in me.

What inspires you?

People, humans, their love, hates, stories and psychologies. I love nature, landscape and so on, but without a human subject I think it is useless. Both cognac and perfumes are masterpieces, which are binding people together.

Is creating a perfume like creating a work of art?

In a way yes, but I think it would be too simple and a mistake to forget the craftsman and to only think of the artist. A perfumer is both, and he or she needs to be challenged to be able to get the best out of their skill. I don’t believe in the caricature of the perfumer as an artist in front of his white page, creating perfume. I think the perfumer needs to be fed with emotions and stories to be able to create.

Is there a particular scent or aroma you dream of capturing in a perfume?

The smell of my children!

From a philosophical point of view, how would you describe yourself…nose, perfumer, composer?

A man who loves to tell stories through fragrances.

What is your favorite smell?

The smell of the skin.