Top Notes: Texas, Fragrance Layering, Facebook, Storing Scents and Natalie Portman

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• Bigger Texas, smack in the middle of the East and West coasts, is fast becoming a hub for the next generation of skin care, color cosmetics, fragrance and hair-care brands. WWD

•  Bespoke Fragrance layering is an excellent way to create your own bespoke scent. Continue reading for tips on how to get creative with your perfume. Glamour UK

• Shift A shift in approach is needed for Facebook to better align with luxury brands. Digiday

• Expiration Although your fragrances do not have expiration dates on the bottles, they can expire if not stored properly. Here are the tips you need to know. Harper’s Bazaar UK

• For Love Natalie Portman, the face of Dior Beauty is headed to the south of France to celebrate Miss Dior’s new campaign, “What would you do for love?”. Refinery29