Top Notes: Olfactive Ornaments, The Best In Beauty Tech, And How To Be A Good Gift Giver

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• Twist For a more playful, olfactory twist on the classic holiday ornament, Jo Malone London and Diptyque have just the solution. Vogue

• Advance Industry experts weigh in on the best beauty tech advances of 2017. Fashionista

• Shock Perfumer Mathilde Laurent of Cartier led the Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery event which linked fragrance, art and gastronomy. Vanity Fair

• Hurdle For many businesses who rely on social to reach target audiences, the repeal of net neutrality will be quite the hurdle. WWD

• Them In order to be a good gift-giver, the act has to be about them, not you. Continue reading for how to be better at gifting. The Cut