Top Notes: A Guide From Frédéric Malle,, Romantic Rose Scents, And Net Neutrality

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• Inside Guide When it comes to gifting fragrance, Frédéric Malle insists that you shouldn’t play it safe. Read his guide to gifting fragrance here. Vogue

• Ambitious Hearst is moving towards documentary-style video’s with as a way to be more ambitious with their story-telling. WWD (sub req)

• Lavish The holiday’s are one of the few times out of the year where you can seriously indulge. One editor rounds up some of the most lavish gifts this season. Vanity Fair

• Romantic Let’s bring the romance back with these rose-infused fragrances. Good Housekeeping

• Net Neutrality Today the FCC will vote on the future of net neutrality. What will it mean for retail? Glossy