Marc Puig

Marc Puig

The much deserving Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame honoree for 2017, Marc Puig, knew from early on that he was going to work for the family business. Puig, the Chairman and CEO of PUIG is a member of the third generation of this esteemed dynasty. He is also a man that can tell you a thing or two about the mystery and magic of fragrances – the stories they tell, the unique way they animate our feelings and our hearts.

The famous house that he now heads was founded in 1914 in Barcelona by his grandfather Antonio Puig i Castell√≥ who, in addition to his trademark Agua Lavanda, introduced the first lipstick in Spain, called Milady, in 1922. Marc’s father, who then inherited the business, intent on expanding the company headed to France where they met Paco Rabanne. In May of 1968, they signed a contract with Rabanne, and to this day maintain a thriving relationship.

This kind of willingness to take a chance, to go out on a perfumed limb, ¬†has kept the company vibrant even after 100 years. PUIG is composed of both fragrance and fashion lines, and Marc Puig is in a unique position to understand the relationship between these two sectors. “In fashion, you take ideas from the past and you want to reinvent them and still be relevant, and with fragrance you do the same thing,” he says.

And while it is true that nothing is stable, Marc Puig welcomes the changes we are seeing in the industry. “There are threats and risks, but also paths for new ideas, and that is always exciting.”