Jean Paul Gaultier & Elizabeth Taylor

Jean Paul Gaultier & Elizabeth Taylor

Jean Paul Gaultier


“What goes for my clothes, goes for my perfumes. I strive always to be olfactively unique, seductive but very structured, provocative but very desirable, to use fragrance and glass to channel what lace and denim reinvent in each runway show.”


Jean Paul Gaultier has not only been a fearless fashion icon for the ages, but has poured his incredible creativity into the ground-breaking, seductive, and hugely successful fragrance collection that all started with the founding couple: “CLASSIQUE” and “LE MALE.” Gaultier fragrances and bottle designs have been game-changers in the industry, drawing in a whole new generation of consumers who first got to know him through fashion.


“Masculine, feminine. Couture corset for her; striped sailor shirt for him. Hyper-femininity and ultra-masculinity have been forever incarnated in fragrance form.”