Fat Mascara Loves Fragrance and More

We can never get enough conversation about Fragrance.

Cosmopolitan deputy beauty editor Jessica Matlin and and Marie Claire executive beauty and health editor Jennifer Goldstein agree and consequently launched Fat Mascara, a weekly podcast on beauty and fragrance earlier this year.

Created to share the stories behind their stories for the magazines as well as the stories they couldn’t tell because of print’s space limitations, the duo has shown fragrance lots of love in its few short weeks.

Former New York Times perfume critic Chandler Burr was featured in episode four, talking about a new perfume he is releasing this year, sharing great industry anecdotes and his thoughts on the state of the business.

Even better, this week’s installment, episode eight, will feature The Fragrance Foundation Awards and Consumer Choice Awards. The episode can be listened to HERE (the segment starts at the 11 minute mark), or downloaded through Soundcloud or iTunes.

Courtesy photo